Human Hair Headband Wigs Are Coming To Our Store

Human Hair Headband Wigs Are Coming To Our Store

Everyone is getting their hands on the headband wigs, its easy and less of a hassle than a lace wig. Don't know if you heard but there is a shortage on lace in China at the moment. Was told that it should be back to normal by next year sometime. 

So I have decided to also make my way into the business of making headband wigs. My headband wigs will be made by me on the sewing machine. I will not be buying my headbands already made from China. I know I know, it could be less work for me but I rather make it the way I want instead.

So let's talk about what you will see in my headband wigs. I am looking at making my headbands out of the satin material. Why? Because I want to make something that protects your hair. The cotton or other fibers that people are using can soak up the moisture in your hair. 

If you haven't already, follow my Instagram, Facebook page under the name Jnuwigs. I will be announcing when everyone is able to place their orders. And we offer SEZZLE for customers who can't pay the lump sum up front. Research more about the program, its nice to have that available as a option.

Be Safe, Best Wishes


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