About me

My name is Jocelyn Potts, I'm originally from Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2015 and have been here ever since. I received my cosmetology license in Illinois back in 2015 and recently got my license here in New York 2022. Since I was young, I was always into styling hair. I would sit on the floor as a kid and cut my barbie's hair into short styles. In Highschool I taught myself how to do box braids on myself. When I graduated I wanted to go to hair school but I had adults telling me that it wasn't money in being a stylist back in 2000. So I didn't do what I really wanted to do.

Fast forward to me being 30 years old with two beautiful girls, not happy with where my life is heading. Working call center jobs and making lace wigs by hand for family and friends. Then that day came where I said "I'm going to hair school, hope I'm not too old" lol I went and did my 1500 hours and finished before the actual date I was due to finish. Took my state exam and passed the first time and BOOM I'm a legit Cosmetologist. I was so proud of myself, even though I was one of the oldest students in class, I didn't care I needed to do what makes me happy. 

That same year after I graduated I moved to New York with my family. So I didn't do what alot of stylist do when they get their license. Alot of stylist start working in a salon, I chose to start my online wig business. I put years of my time into making wigs and selling them online. I remember when I made my first braided lace wig back in 2016. I made it by hand and it took forever and that wig was so heavy that it use to make my neck hurt. LOL 

But after years of learning and training myself on how to use a sewing machine to make wigs. Life became more easier. And it allowed my brain to wonder and come up with different things that I can make on the machine. I was able to make a variety of different wig hats and caps that I felt would help the every day woman with errands. It was fun and successful while it lasted. 

 So 2022 I want to advance my skills and learn how to ventilate my own closures and wigs. I want to one day take my business to hospitals to help cancer patients. So this is why I’m changing my website around and deleting all my other products i was selling. I want to start a new chapter in my business and hope you’re going to come along for the ride. I have a lot of ideas that I want to implement into my new business. My brain is swirling with ideas for toupee’s, hair toppers for people suffering from hair loss. Which is coming more and more common even in young adults. So stay tune for what I will have in store, it will take awhile for me to make all what I want to do but hopefully by December 2022 I can have everything available on the website.