General Questions

Q: how long is the ventilating closure/lace wig making process?

Answer: Ventilating a closure by itself can take up to 2 weeks to make and the ventilating of a closure added to a sewn wig can take up to 3 weeks. 


Q: what shipping service do you use?

Answer: USPS PRIORITY 2-3 day shipping all wigs must be signed upon delivery.

Q: do you work in a salon?

Answer: not at this time

Q: are you open to doing special events?

Answer: yes, I am available for weddings, photo shoots, proms and any other special events. Keep in mind that you need 2-3 weeks for the making of your wig. Contact me for pricing

Q: how can I reach you for questioning?

Answer: there is multiple ways of contacting me, you can contact me through the website by going to the CONTACT ME page, email me directly at styleawig@jnuwigs.com please allow 12-24 hours for a response, 845-377-3811 might have to leave a message and I will return your call in between 8am-7pm EST.

Q: how long does it take for a ready to ship wig to be mailed?

Answer: ready to ship wigs are usually mailed the next business day. But if you pay for the item before 1pm est the wig can still be mailed the same day, after 1pm est your wig will be ready to ship the next business day.

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

Answer: yes I do 


Q: what is your return policy?

Answer: you have 5 days after receiving, you have received your purchase, to return it in the same condition that it was sent to you. NO CUTTING THE LACE, NO WASHING, NO ADDING PRODUCTS TO THE HAIR, NO TAKING DOWN OF ANY BRAIDS OR LOCS. Once the wig has been mailed back to me in the same condition I sent it in, you will be refunded your money. If the wig has been tampered with in any way than I will mail the wig back and there will be no full refund. This policy only applies to people who have brought a item that was already made and was located in our "ready to ship" section.

If you have a item custom made, there is no refund on this item. If there is a problem with the item, changes can be made to make it better, depending on what is needed. There is no way to change the size of a item that was handmade. If a braid, weft etc is hanging off of a item it can be fixed at no cost to you. You would send the item back and I will refund you the shipping cost, fix the item and ship back to you within days. 

Q: Where do I send the wig back to?

Answer: Jnuwigs PO BOX 230753 Brooklyn NY 11223

                        WIG QUESTIONS

Q: I have a style in mind that is not listed in your pictures, what can I do?

Answer: when placing your order you will see a upload option and there you can upload the particular style that you are interested in. If you want to speak to me about the style before paying than you can send me a message with the uploaded picture at styleawig@jnuwigs.com

Q: What is the difference between a lace front and lace frontal?

Answer: lace front is 4x4 free parting space which is from the middle of your eyebrow to the middle of the other eyebrow. Lace Frontal is 13x4 free parting space which is from ear to ear and from the front of the hairline to the middle of the head.

Q:  Im new to wearing wigs, I don’t know my size in wigs.

Answer: I don’t do the actual measurements of the head for the wig caps, caps come in sm, med, lrg. You can always go to your local beauty store and try on some wigs to get an idea of what size would be best for you.

Q: I’m a beginner in wigs should I start with a lace front or frontal wig?

Answer: I strongly suggest if you are a newbie to wearing wigs that you should start with a lace front wig first, it’s less maintenance and once you become comfortable with wearing that than you can move on to a frontal wig.

Q: I don’t see the color I want.

Answer: if you don’t see the color you want just put in the comment section on the ordering page, the name of the color you want and I will get it for you. If I can’t find the specific color you want, you will be refunded your full amount.

Q: do you offer human hair for the making of locs and braids?

Answer: no at this time I’m ONLY offering synthetic Marley hair for the locs styles and kanekalon hair for the braided hairstyles. But this too will change.